MHD Ryad Al Serafi

President Of The Association

Based on the distinguished geographical location of the Syrian Arab Republic as a pivotal gateway for the movement of goods from Europe and Asia to the Middle East and Africa and vice versa.
by virtue of Resolution No. 518/2012 issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor established the Syrian Association for Freight Forwarding  and National Logistics as an entity that brings together the owners of freight forwarding  companies and offices in Syria with various freight forwarding specialties ( land, air and sea).

We look forward to promote this sector and change its concept from a traditional industry to a multidisciplinary scientific industry compatible with the reality of the internal freight and keeps pace with its development internationally through the permanent membership of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association  (FIATA).

In addition to the development of scientific strategic plans that follow a clear methodology to work through :

      • Organizing the  work and taking  care of the interests of the members ( offices and fright  companies) in accordance with the quality standards adopted globally .
  • Coordination between the various competent authorities in this regard to overcome the obstacles to work .
  • Ensure the optimal linkage to reach a legislative and regulatory structure that provides ease .
  • Speed, training and rehabilitation Practical and professional competencies to be able  to dealing with local and international laws in force in the cargo freighting  sector.