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SIFFA (siffa)  is a cooperative association in Damascus in the name of Freight Forwarders Association whose activities cover all the provinces in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Association''''s objective is to improve the economic and social status of its members; in realizing this end, it performs the following acts: 

  •  To Upgrade the owners of the forwarding offices socially, culturally, professionally, economically and technically speaking. 
  •  To endeavor realizing the projects leading to improve the workers'''' performance at the forwarding offices, organizing the profession, supplying facilities for customers, submitting the necessary suggestions to the competent authorities to be adopted and applied. 
  •  To amicably settle the professional disputes that arise among the members of the association, or between the association''''s members and its customers according to the usages of trade, and by means of arbitration. 
  •  To offer all technical assistances, legal, economic and social studies and all technical expertise in connection with the forwarding offices to all governmental departments and organizations in order to organize the profession and developing it. 
  •  To endeavor to issue a periodical prospectus laying down the shipping charges in collaboration with the competent authorities. 
  •  To contribute in rendering services soonest possible at a minimum price, to uplift the efficiency of the workers and qualifying them in a cooperative manner.

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MSC Syria has been awarded number one top carrier in Syria 

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